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Training & Education

​Education and Training Service

We are committed to improving the lives of women living in disadvantaged areas supporting them develop their skills and talents through education and training thus enabling them play a more active role in society. We deliver training in areas of ICT, Sage Accounts, Therapeutic Counselling Levels 2 and 3, OCN Women in Political Life, OCN Dealing with the Past and Community Development. Our programme is updated annually.


Good Relations Training and Education Project

Our programmes address good relations need through our range of capacity building programmes. We provide opportunities for them to come together in a safe space sharing experiences, moving towards healing and respect for each other’s cultures and gain knowledge and awareness that will strengthen their role in political life, peace-building and active citizenship. We provide accredited and non-accredited programmes, personal development courses, cultural events, forums for discussion and cultural shared history. Our suite of “flagship” accredited courses such as Women in Politics, Cultural diversity specifically address community relations issues and strengthen women’s role in peace-building. Our Confidence-Building and Stress Management courses build the first steps onto our programme, our Shared History programme explores the role of women in Irish, British and Ulster History. Our annual round-table events give participants opportunities to engage in debate with politicians and decision-makers on current issues, and have their views taken into account.

Older Women’s Projects:

Our older women project provides a range of activities and support services to women 50+ including creative arts, cross community, flower arrange, excursions, health information, mosaic etc.


Our list of training and education services are not exhaustive, services are based on need and demand from women in our community. FWC adopts a needs led approach to its training and edcuation provision and therefore the organisation will also design and develop a number of new initiatives based on consultation with members and local communities.

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