Falls Women's centre Young Mothers Group
The Young Women’s and Teenage Mothers Project was launched in November 2009 and is funded through BBC, Children in Need. The project delivers a variety of
personal development programmes and workshops (accredited and non accredited) to young women between 13 to 18 years old in a community environment.
It helps young women to explore any issues that they face in their life today and tries to meet the need of each individual through an in house and outreach service.

Our project aims to

Guide and support young women from all backgrounds through difficult challenges they face throughout their life. It offers them the chance to try new
activities, meet new friends and build on their personal development and team building.

Offer young women the chance to participate in a range of high quality training programmes, covering all areas of health (mental, physical, sexual
and emotional).

Supports young women to take ownership of the programmes, encouraging them to voice their opinions on what they would like to achieve.

Encourages Teenage Mothers to increase their personal development and give them the confidents to seek guidance and support through their pregnancy/parenthood.